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  How often do we camp?

Camp outs are on the third full weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun) of April through October.  The other five months we have in town meetings at various restaurants.  Our campout s are normally scheduled for Friday through Sunday.  However, many of our members often arrive early or will stay over later.  The locations of the campouts are determined by the hosts.


What do we do at our campouts and in town meetings?

At the campouts we enjoy games of all types, and meals together.  We have a committee selected to be in charge of both choosing the location of the campout and the meals.  Each rig that will be attending is requested to bring items that compliment the chosen main dish.  We enjoy a great amount of fellowship during the campout.  At the in town gatherings on the third Sunday of those five months we enjoy a Dutch treat meal at a restaurant.  We have meetings at each campout and in town luncheon.




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