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How do I become a member?

By attending a meeting, completing an application and paying the dues you can become a member of the Sun Chasers.  The Sun Chasers chapter is a small, young, growing chapter that is composed of both working and retired adults.  For more information, call or email the Chapter President.

How often do we camp?

We camp on the third full weekend (Fri, Sat, sun) of March through October.  The other four months we have in town meetings at various restaurants.  Our campouts are normally scheduled for Friday through Sunday, however the retired members often arrive earlier.  The locations of the campouts are normally confined to reasonable travel distance for our working members.

What do we do at our campouts and in town meeting?

At the campouts we typically enjoy games, tours, meals together, including nearby restaurants and potlucks, and the friendship and fellowship among our chapter members.  At the in town gatherings on the third Saturday of those four months, we enjoy a Dutch treat meal at a local restaurant.  We do have a business meeting at both the campouts and in town gatherings.

How much does becoming a member cost?

The Sun Chaser dues are $12.00 per year.  We also have a rally fee of $1.00 per adult member each time you attend.


Louanne Rauen     President  505-270-4002 

Cindy Bassett     V President 505-414-3193 

Jan Beard   Secretary

Ray Benton           Treasurer

Read the current Sun Chasers' newsletter.

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